Diabetes Care

Diabetes Care

Diabetes is the world’s largest lifestyle disease claiming millions of lives in a year. At Patient Care we’ve created a comprehensive solution to help patients manage their diabetes effectively and lead long, healthy lives.

Patient Care Diabetes Care Program is created with a vision to help people manage their Diabetes in a natural and comfortable way. Our expert counselors will work with you to help you track, manage and lower your blood sugar levels. Your counselor will create your personalized diet plan depending on your preferences and lifestyles.

Our team of Diabetic nurses and nutritionists work closely (on phone) with every patient to help them on a range of issues, with the overarching aim to increase blood sugar levels.

Our Offering Diabetes Care Packs

India’s first comprehensive diabetes management program is designed to help diabetics to manage their blood sugar levels to lead a healthy life. The program is designed in consultation with our knowledge partners Belle Sante, who have served thousands of patients across 32 countries. We’ll work with you for 1 Year to help you become self-sufficient in managing your diabetes.

OneTouch Verio Flex Glucometer : OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor is an innovative device specified to measure your blood glucose levels. Highly beneficial for diabetic patients, this technically-advanced device is compactly designed and offers the most accurate results.

This is a high-quality device with ColorSure technology which indicates if your blood sugar numbers are not in range. You can easily Sync data seamlessly with the FREE OneTouch Reveal mobile app.

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